Bachelor of Management Studies

Successful business leaders need a comprehensive understanding of all of the key areas of management. The Bachelor of Management Studies is designed to give you more than just a standard commerce degree.

It's the focus on general management that makes our Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) stand out. Not only will you receive a solid grounding in your specialty subject, you'll learn what makes a business perform and what creates business leaders.

The BMS is long-recognised by employers as New Zealand's premier management degree. The extra year of the BMS, compared to other commerce degrees, expands your career options. As well as covering all the core subjects that are central to management, you can specialise in up to two different areas, achieving a good grounding in both.

Pathway options

Start your BMS in Tauranga by first enrolling in the NZ Diploma in Business (NZDipBus) at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (formerly Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic). If you complete the NZDipBus with at least a B grade average, you will be guaranteed admission to the BMS with credit of up to thirteen papers towards the degree.

Complete the degree in Tauranga by studying University of Waikato papers at the Bongard Centre, or by studying at the University of Waikato Hamilton campus.

Toi Ohomai staff will provide information and advice on the NZDipBus including the papers you should take.

Once you have commenced your NZDipBus, we recommend you discuss your intended degree programme with University of Waikato staff. We will help you to plan your programme of study and advise you on degree and subject requirements, which is particularly important if you are interested in a double major. We can also advise you on any prerequisite requirements for graduate study and what you need to do if you wish to become a Chartered Accountant.

Career options

Our BMS graduates are working in a wide range of fields including: business development advisor, communication consultant, corporate finance, economist, events manager, human resource manager, investment advisor, operations manager, management, accountant, marketing manager, project manager, public relations manager, rural banker, sales manager, strategic manager, tourism, hospitality manager and many more.

Majors available in Tauranga

A second major can be selected from the majors offered by Waikato Management School and other Faculties/Schools of Study. Consult a Student Advisor to see how this can fit into your programme.

Practical experience

499 Report of an Investigation

In your 499, you'll choose a project related to your major subject, then use what you've learnt in class to solve real problems in an actual management situation.

With the freedom to choose your own project, you can focus on an area that's close to your heart. It could be anything from promoting a music festival to sorting out the supply chain for a new clothing label.

Further study

If you achieve good results in your first three years, you may be admitted into the BMS(Hons) programme for your fourth year.

Note: BMS(Hons) papers are only available in Hamilton.

Learn more about studying the Bachelor of Management Studies at the University of Waikato's Hamilton campus.

Waikato Management School Orientation

Check out the Orientation video for an in-depth look at how the programme operates in Tauranga.