Below you'll find a brief introduction to the subjects offered by the University of Waikato, Tauranga. For more information on individual papers offered, please contact the relevant School or Faculty.

Accounting is known as the common language of business. Accountants use their skills to analyse and explain financial information to their clients, such as profit margins and cash flow. They also help senior managers make important business decisions, and can advise on taxation, contracts and assets.

You will study the underlying reproductive physiology and developmental biology of early life cycle strategies used by aquatic animal species. This knowledge will be examined for its use in the husbandry, breeding and production of species in aquaculture.

Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences includes the major traditional biological disciplines of botany, microbiology and zoology along with the interdisciplinary subjects of biochemistry, physiology, genetics, ecology and behaviour.

Development Studies (Postgraduate Certificate in Development Studies)
Online course: Development Studies is concerned with understanding people and their communities, particularly in developing nations. Examine 'development' from the perspectives and experiences of Indigenous peoples.

Digital Business (Master of Digital Business)
New technologies are revolutionising every aspect of business - from banking and finance to agriculture and healthcare, no industry has been left untouched. Develop skills to ensure your business will remain successful in the modern digital world.

This broad area of study particularly suits people already employed in the education sector or those wanting to understand more about teaching and learning. Postgraduate study in education can enhance your theoretical knowledge and classroom practice and can provide future opportunities for professional development.

Education and Society (previously known as Education Studies)
Education and Society involves studying the social, political, historical and philosophical dimensions of education.

Engineering involves designing and creating processes, materials and devices. Engineers seek to build useful products and services using the understanding of the laws governing natural processes.

Environmental Sciences
The pressure on our environment is increasing as the human population grows. Environmental Sciences provide a basis for understanding environmental problems and finding solutions to them.

Finance looks at how individuals and organisations manage their money, shares and other financial assets to generate wealth and help businesses grow.

Health, Sport and Human Performance
As one of the country's fastest growing industries, health and sport now contributes more than $12 billion per year to New Zealand. Studying this field will reward you with an exciting career and the chance to improve the wellbeing of others.

Human Development
Human Development examines diverse expressions of development, exploring contextual, cultural and relational influences on the growth of individuals, families and groups throughout the human life span.

Many of our everyday actions are influenced by the legal system. The law provides a structure that helps society to operate. A Waikato law qualification is a gateway to many career options.

Māori and Indigenous Studies
Learn how Māori Studies is located in the broader and global context of Indigenous Studies; a rapidly emerging area of study and research as Indigenous world views are increasingly seen as important to major issues facing the world.

Marketing is key to the success of any commercial or not-for-profit organisation that exists to satisfy customer needs. Marketing focuses on anticipating and fulfilling customer needs through market research and marketing strategy formulation and implementation.

Philosophy is about solving problems that confront us as we try to understand the world, including ethical problems, problems about science, logical problems and problems about the nature of reality.

Political Science
In Political Science we study all aspects of political life in New Zealand and overseas. You'll seek answers to some of the most difficult political issues of today and gain skills for many potential career paths.

Psychology is the study of behaviour. It is a broad subject that embraces all aspects of human experience and encompasses many different sciences.

Social Policy
Social Policy deals with issues that affect people, communities and society. It examines the policies and practices of government and non-governmental agencies and the impact of these on communities.

Social Work
Social workers work with individuals, families, whānau, groups, schools, iwi and communities, especially with disadvantaged members of society, for whom they may provide advocacy and other skills and services.

Sociology is the study of society: that is, how people organise and participate in groups and larger social structures, and how societies change.

Strategic Management
Strategic Management enables you to discern a company's potential, find new market opportunities, and develop a clear plan to achieve growth and success.

Waikato offers teaching qualifications that cover early childhood, primary and secondary education. They can be studied with a specialisation in bilingual and immersion teaching and can lead to wide and exciting career options including educational research, management training, counselling or teaching overseas. The Bachelor of Teaching is a three-year qualification, while the one-year Graduate Diploma in Teaching suits prospective teachers who already have an undergraduate degree.


Papers are taught in a variety of ways, including by Tauranga based University of Waikato and Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology academic staff or by Hamilton based academic staff teaching either by video conference link from Hamilton or travelling to Tauranga to teach in person.

Papers with the location code (TGA) are Tauranga papers. Tauranga-based students are also able to enrol in web based (NET) papers offered from the Hamilton campus. Some students complete their degrees entirely in Tauranga and some transfer or commute to Hamilton (HAM) if they want to enrol in papers not available in Tauranga.

Please note that all information in the Catalogue of Papers is provisional and subject to change without notice.

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