Master of Sport and Leisure Studies

The MSpLS is for Bachelor of Sport and Leisure Studies graduates interested in completing a research-based qualification in this area.

Sport and Leisure Studies critically examines the way political, cultural, social and economic factors influence the meaning and nature of sport and leisure.

The Masters programme was introduced for graduates interested in making a contribution to their profession through higher learning.

You may opt to either study full-time to complete your MSpLS in approximately 18 months, or you may opt to study part-time over three years by doing two 500 level papers per year.

For a full-time option, you should take one content-focused paper and a research methods paper in your first semester of study.

From there you can either:

  • Move straight into a 120-point thesis (with a B+ grade point average)
  • Complete a further paper before undertaking a 90-point thesis
  • Continue to do individual 30 point papers, including at least one 30-point directed study.

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