You can access all of the University services while studying at the Tauranga campus. First, you'll need to activate your ID card, find out your Waikato username and set a password to enable your access to these services. To do this, visit an ID Card Registration Computer at either:

  • The Information Centre at Bongard Centre
  • Ako Atea (A Block), Windermere Campus

You will then be emailed your Waikato PIN and a PIN for Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology (formerly Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic).

Read more about activating your new student ID card.

Your Toi Ohomai PIN will be required to access the Computer Labs after-hours, and if you're a gym member, for access to the Aquatic Centre pool during lunch times.

i Waikato

iWaikato is the University of Waikato portal. It offers browser access to University of Waikato information, services and applications. Login using your username and password and you will be able to check your enrolment, results, access course outlines and purchase course readings. There are other portals - Waikato Management School uses MyWeb and School of Education uses EdLinked - if you are enrolled in papers in those schools their portals will be very useful.

Computer Labs

Waikato University students have access to the computer labs at both the Bongard and Windermere campuses. To use the computers at either campus, students must first have a Student ID card and register under the New User process through the ITS homepage or Id Card Registration computer on campus. Computer Lab operating hours vary between campuses.

Student Internet access

All enrolled UoW students have free internet using UoW students when using campus WiFi and lab computers on campus.

The free student internet service is accessed through the normal proxy login option in the computer labs and using the UoW Students wireless network on personal devices such as your laptop or smartphone.

For more information visit our ICT Self Help page.


Each student is automatically provided with a free email account through Google Mail (Gmail). Your email address is your . Check your email.

File Space

You have your own personal secure file space to store important documents, files, assignments etc. it is often called your Home Share. You can access this on and off campus via the web, or when logged onto a University computer, it will be on the "H:" drive.

Photocopying (BOPP Uniflow Account)

To photocopy simply swipe your UoW student Id card through the photocopier and enter your pin number. Your pin number is issued when you register your id card.

You can top up your Toi Ohomai Uniflow account at the Cashiers in the Information Centre or through staff in the Atea.


Each student has a UniCash account. To print your work you need to have money in your UniCash account.

The way students add money to their UniCash accounts has changed. It is now an online process using a web browser.

To do this you must have a valid credit card or a bank account capable of Internet banking (we suggest one of the major banks).

Top up your Unicash account online.

For more information visit our ICT Self Help page.


Many of our papers are either taught online, or have an online component. Moodle is the learning management system that the University uses to deliver these papers. You can access Moodle from or from iWaikato, MyWeb or Edlinked. If you are taking a NET paper, you should log into Moodle as early as possible to become familiar with expectations for online participation and submission deadlines.

Library Services

You will be able to borrow books from the University libraries and Toi Ohomai libraries if you are studying in Tauranga. You can also access the University Library's online databases and other services. Read more about our Library Services.

Need Help?

Contact the ITS service desk if you have any problems with any of these services:

  • Email
  • Phone: (07) 838 4008, or ext 4008, or 37 4008 if you're calling from Toi Ohomai